This course takes place on 2 weekends.

The first weekend is for creating and building the mask. First a form is made with clay. We will give the mask a face. The clay form is then covered with paper soaked in a glue mixture and is left to dry overnight. The next day the paper skin is taken off of the clay form - the mask is born! Now holes are cut for the eyes and for breathing and a fastening is attached. First greeting rituals lead to playing masque.

The second weekend is dedicated to masque. Your mask should now have a headdress, also bring along an artefact that your mask likes to handle and a costume. We will give the mask its own life. 

You will be introduced to the world of masque.

Time period: 4 x 6 hours
Theater experience: none
Age group: Adults (+16 y.)
Participants: max. 10
Clothing: comfortable, barefoot or gym shoes
Times: as required
Fee: € 180,00


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