Character Analysis

There are almost as many techniques to get "into character" as there are actors. What all have in common is first understanding the character before being the character. Recognize and expand on a character's background and personality so that you can make them become alive and grab the audience. Students bring a text or monolog of their choice and use it to analyze and flesh out the person behind the role.

This course is ideal for actors or groups that have a casted play and need help finding the characters behind the roles.  It is also key to individual students who want to learn techniques to get "into character".

The characters make the play.

Time period: 2 x 4 hours
Theater experience: Improvisaion I or some experience
Age group: Adults (+16 y.)
Participants: max. 10
Clothing: comfortable, barefoot or gym shoes
Times: as required
Fee: € 80,00

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